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Gourmet House Caviar
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Gourmet House Caviar

Customer Care

Our customers are our highest priority. We guarantee excellence in our products and service.

Quality Assurance

Our caviar is stored and packed in accordance to HACCP protocols. Each caviar tin is properly labelled to CITES standards with details including the sturgeon’s name, origin, year of its harvest, production date, expiry date and CITES number.

We are certified BRC, ISO 22000-2005, HACCP, FDA and EU approved for entry into the US and European markets.

All our caviar from our farms is DNA tested to ensure each egg matches its CITES labelling code. Caviar from non Gourmet House Caviar farms is also DNA tested for every lot.


With customers across the globe, a currency converter is provided to show a conversion estimate. Please note that all transactions will be made in USD. The currency conversion is used to provide an estimate.


At Gourmet House Caviar, we deliver the freshest caviar invoking significant attention to provide you with a personalized service and support for your specific order. Service is assured within 24hours with express delivery.

Shipping rates are as follows:

Flat rate of $48 for all orders

Flat rate of $23 for all orders below $75. Orders exceeding $75 are eligible for free shipping.

Flat rate of $14 for all orders below $113. Orders exceeding $113 are eligible for free shipping.

Shipping fee is based on weight of shipment. A separate delivery invoice will be sent after the purchase has been made.

Customer Service

If you have any additional questions please email us at or call us at +971 4 340 8884.

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